viernes, 15 de febrero de 2019

The raven citizenship and commitment

This essay is meant to discuss the story written by author Edgar Allan Poe, called “The Raven”. and compare my analysis to two values, which are citizenship and commitment. This narrative follows the mind of who we presume must be a man, in the process of grieving for his lost one, a woman who’s name is Lenore, who encounters an ominous situation in which a bird, most specifically a Raven, comes into his study, and the main character, weirded out by the situation follows to ask the bird his name, but this one only responds to his questions with the words “nevermore” this being said several times by the mysterious and dark animal tends and ends up driving our main character to an obsessive state of rage and confusion. This story surrounds the state of grief, where we can not accept the person that we loved so much is gone forever, and this tends to create a grief and guilt that in this case, can not escape the narrators mind, and who is constantly haunted by the memory of the one he lost and loved so much. In several occasions, we can assume that the raven is a physical representation of this feelings, Edgar Allan Poe solidified this confusing mental state into an animal, and with this explains the pain of grief. In my opinion, the two values don't really represent anything in the story. Their meanings are very unlike what the theme of the story is about, they don't seem to be mentioned once in the story, and Edgar Allan Poe was a terror writer, not someone who would use this values in a story often, or highlight them in such a way. The excerpt is way too small to say that the story does not include or allude to this values, but the piece we are going to study has no obvious mention of them. First i will be giving examples of correct use of this values in a narrative, then, i will give reasons on my this story was not meant to include them, and then i will present my conclusion on the subjects. With the value of citizenship, I can say this one is the furthest away from the story as possible. A correct use of this value in the story would be if the main character would have mentioned the country he is from, and would have very visible representation of that country’s culture, tradition and mannerism. Citizenship is the value of acknowledging one's identity from the place they were born, but this has little to no relationship with the story. The next value, commitment, would be used correctly in a story if the main character would have shown a relationship with someone, or talked to someone in the story, but we can observe that his state of grief has consumed him so much that he gets startled when he hears a sound coming from his entrance, suspecting someone had come to visit him, this implies he doesn't get visited by people very often, and one can not be committed if one does not have relationships with others. This type of story is meant to make you reflect on an internalized emotion, something that is hard to explain, and can be understood through metaphors like the Raven, also make you feel the characters emotions even if they are as scary as the ones in the story, not teach you values regarding caring for others, it takes a more personal point of view.  In conclusion, these values are not present in the story at all, and can’t be learned from it. 

miércoles, 30 de enero de 2019

Patience and caring

Patience and caring are two ver important values that don’t need to be neglected in our day to day life. I’m going to be expressing my opinion towards the way that I fell the two values, patience and caring reflect in the story Self-Reliance.
First of all, we need to be sure that we know what these two values mean, as important as they are we need to know what they mean first. So, what does caring mean? According to google what this very important value mean is, it is basically showing concern, compassion for someone, or something. People practice caring all over the world, for example doctors, doctor care enough for their patient, because they are supposed to save their life, they practice caring everyday. Another job that practices caring is being a nanny, being a nanny is basically caring, they are almost the same thing. Caring is a value that can show many things and can mean many things, when you care you show that you do, you start doing a lot of things to make sure that that person or thing is okey, is good. For me caring is a very important thing because it helps people to prioritize everything.
Now patience is also a very important value that people tend to forget that it exists, people nowadays a very impatient, they always make everything a rush and that could be quite upsetting if I say so myself. But what patience really means according to google is an ability for people to be tolerant, and just being calm when hard situations come along. It is also an ability, there are people that when a bad thing happens they are just very impatient and just filled with anxiety, they cannot focus on what is really happening because they are so impatient.
Now I think the story is very comical, the title of the story is Self-Reliance, which basically means trust, but not in another person, trust in yourself, it means that you trust yourself so much that you can rely on yourself without being scared of the outcome because it is you an you know you.
So I think that both values are very much reflected but not in a good way, i think that the man, Ralph was an extremely impatient person, he showed through the story that he loves to not have patience and rush thing and do everything with a hurry, he didn’t like to wait for anything, he used an immense amount of metaphors throughout the story and he was very unsure with everything he said, all the time, zero patience. Now for caring I think it was also reflected but as patience was, it wasn’t in a very positive way, he always showed that he always cared about what people has to say about him, always very insecure about everything he did, always thinking what are people going to say if I do this and if I do that, always second guessing everything that came on his way, every thought, just everything.

And that is what I think about the way the story relates to the two values.

lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2018

salwa muvdi 11b fairness and justice

First of all, what’s justice and what is fairness? Both may seem similar but are different because the meaning of fairness is property of being fair or equitable but the meaning of justice is having moraand rightness. Another meaning for justice isn’t promise or guaranteed either, it a quality, being fair with people, justice will not always appear in you day to day basis.
How are these two related to the story?
The way justice is reflected in the story, A psalm of life, talks about the meaning of life, and if people were not most of their day complaining and taking life for granted we could see the meaning of life, and have these two values o we can become a better. It also depends on the way you look at the poem, the way you analyze the poem, if you take it the way I am it would help take in mind these two values and follow the good path.
Taking into account what just said , if I’m being honest I don’t feel like none of the two values are reflected, it also depends in the perspective of the reader. In the second poem The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls, both values are present in the poem, in the poem the reader could infer that justice is not based on you treating people based on their accomplishments, it is based on treating everyone equally in the cycle of life. This cycle doesn’t look for good people or bad people it just looks for people that follow the right path, in this way the reader can think this message is fair because it doesn’t discriminate anyone and treats everyone as equal. In my opinion these two values which are fairness and justice are very important because it will help us to grow as persons, which is exactly what Psalm of Life and The Tide Rises and The Tide falls are trying to project.
This two poems can help in a day to day basis to treat everyone the same and don’t discriminate and be the better person.
By taking all the of what I said it is good to have these two values in your life, because it cannot just make your life easier but it will make other peoples life better, and also much much easier. To sum it all, people so not know that this is a problem but they are very important.

viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2018

trustworhiness and thankful

today im going to talk about how the values of trustworthiness and being thankful is related to the story , first of all . what does trustworthiness means trustworthiness is the ability to be relied on as honest or truthful.I have a diferent perspective of the devil in the story in my opinion the devil was a person who can be known as trustworthy because in the story when tom made the pact with him you can see that the devil never changes his pact or truisted thing for his benefit , we see he stays loyal to what he says , in my perspective someone who wasnt trustworhy was toms wife she was always hidding things from her husband and even robbed him and disapired ,now what does thankful means ? Being thankful is expressing gratitude or appreciating something , wich in the story we can see tom and his wife lack of that value ,we can see how tom from the begining of the story wasnt thankful of anything he had , even tho he didnt have economic issues he always wanted more and more , we can see that tom walker was a ambitious guy who was never pleased with what he had , in the other side of the story we can see how toms wife was equally as unthankfull as him , she was never greatfull of what she had and we can see that she didnt even appreciated tom becase she always abused him , in other words in my oppinion the story lacks a lot of these two values but it make you start to think how messed up is humanity and how important are these two values .

miércoles, 22 de agosto de 2018

my life

My name is salwa muvdi i was born on October 20 of 2001 in Miami Florida . My mom and i lived in  hialeah with my uncles and cousins until i was six on my sixth birthday we moved to Colombia to live with my dad , ever since i was a little girl i haved moved a lot so that helped know more places , people , cities , foods and different cultures . I find myself a little annoying for some people, to be totally honest because of my lack of patience and honest comments i might come through as a mean person but i just think that’s my personality ,  i got that from my dad wich ever since i have memory he has always be the person i look up to the most . My life goal to study in the FIU and become a lawyer , well at least thats what i want I definitely don’t know if that’s what the future holds for me .