viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2018

trustworhiness and thankful

today im going to talk about how the values of trustworthiness and being thankful is related to the story , first of all . what does trustworthiness means trustworthiness is the ability to be relied on as honest or truthful.I have a diferent perspective of the devil in the story in my opinion the devil was a person who can be known as trustworthy because in the story when tom made the pact with him you can see that the devil never changes his pact or truisted thing for his benefit , we see he stays loyal to what he says , in my perspective someone who wasnt trustworhy was toms wife she was always hidding things from her husband and even robbed him and disapired ,now what does thankful means ? Being thankful is expressing gratitude or appreciating something , wich in the story we can see tom and his wife lack of that value ,we can see how tom from the begining of the story wasnt thankful of anything he had , even tho he didnt have economic issues he always wanted more and more , we can see that tom walker was a ambitious guy who was never pleased with what he had , in the other side of the story we can see how toms wife was equally as unthankfull as him , she was never greatfull of what she had and we can see that she didnt even appreciated tom becase she always abused him , in other words in my oppinion the story lacks a lot of these two values but it make you start to think how messed up is humanity and how important are these two values .

miércoles, 22 de agosto de 2018

my life

My name is salwa muvdi i was born on October 20 of 2001 in Miami Florida . My mom and i lived in  hialeah with my uncles and cousins until i was six on my sixth birthday we moved to Colombia to live with my dad , ever since i was a little girl i haved moved a lot so that helped know more places , people , cities , foods and different cultures . I find myself a little annoying for some people, to be totally honest because of my lack of patience and honest comments i might come through as a mean person but i just think that’s my personality ,  i got that from my dad wich ever since i have memory he has always be the person i look up to the most . My life goal to study in the FIU and become a lawyer , well at least thats what i want I definitely don’t know if that’s what the future holds for me .